Fount Paperbacks of Collins (July 28, 1983)

Printing: William Collins Sons & Co Ltd., Glasgow
Paperback: Black author over black title over color image of skyscraper with red/white pyramid in red circle on yellow cover.
ISBN: 0-00-626636-3
158 pages

Printing History:

Sold for £1.75




Printing History: 

DT1-CO-1-77-Jacket Front



DT1-HB1a-1-77-Jacket Front



Harvest/HBJ of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Paperback by David Diaz: Yellow author over white title over set of eyes looking across dark tower on black/brown hill with sky background.
ISBN: 0-15-623930-2
158 pages

Printing History: [continued from HB1b]

7. for $3.95
9. for $6.95

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Printing: USA
Paperback version of HB1a
ISBN: 0-15-623930-2
158 pages

Printing History: 

2.   for $2.95




The Dark Tower & Other Stories


Harcourt Brace Jovanivich (April 18, 1977)

Printing: USA
Teal hardback with black overleaf and black author/title on spine
Jacket by Paul Garnarello: Black author on picture of dark tower capped by head of scorpion man surrounded by four professors over black title on tan scroll
ISBN: 0-15-213902-9
158 pages

Printing History: 

1. April 1977 for $6.95
At least 3 printings


Harvest Book by Harcourt, Inc.                    
Paperback by Liz Demeter: White title on gold bar over white title purple bar over composite image of man’s eyes over group of men and burning building
ISBN: 978-0-15-602770-0
158 pages

Printing History:

2. for $13.00


William Collins Sons& Co (February 28, 1977)
Printing: William Collins Sons and Co Ltd., Glasgow
Black hardback with silver title/author on spine
Jacket by Reg Boorer: Red underlined author over black title over image of three scorpion men amidst tower before clouded moon all in white field on granite cover
ISBN: 0-00-222-155-2
158 pages

Printing History:

Sold for £3.95




Setting 1

The Dark Tower is collection of short fiction, edited by Walter Hopper, including the titular work, an incomplete manuscript that appears to be an unfinished sequel to the science fiction novel Out of the Silent Planet. Two settings of the work currently exist. 

Fount of Harper Collins (1998)
Special Centenary Edition
Paperback by Andres Lindholm: Silver embossed author over white title over hazy picture of dark tower against night sky
ISBN: 0-00-628084-6
157 pages

Printing History:

Sold for £6.99


Setting 2