Fern Seed and Elephants

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And Other Essays on Christianity

Fount Paperbacks (February 1977)
Reprint of F1a by Fount Paperbacks

Paperback: Identical to F1a sans "Original Fontana" at bottom
125 pages

Printing History: [unknown whether print order continues from Fonanta edition]

1. February 1977
6.  January 1980 for 95p

Fontana Paperback of William Collins Sons (September 29, 1975)
Printing: Glasgow
Paperback by tony Meeuwissen: Black stencil author over black stencil title over African sunset and elephant head within cross
ISBN: 0-00-62408-2
125 pages

Printing History: 

Sold for 50p

Fern Seed and Elephants is a collection of Lewis' essays edited by Walter Hooper. Two settings of the work currently exist. 

Fount Paperbacks of HarperCollins (1998)
Special Centenary Edition
Paperback by Anders Lindholm: Green author over black title on tan marble field over elephant formed by red particles in scene made of green particles
ISBN: 0-00-628082-X
105 pages

Printing History: 

Sold for £5.99