Available also  in COL-TW, 1996, pp. 297-537

Setting 4


GID3-F, 1979

GID4-BL, 1983.

Setting 5

GID1-E1d, 1994

Titled The Grand Miracle​ 


GID1-E1a, 1970

Setting 6

God in the Dock is a collection of previously unpublished essays and speeches, collected from many sources after his death. It was originally published in the United Kingdom as Undeceptions: Essays on Theology and Ethics. Shorter versions also existpublished by Fontana in 1979 and entitled God in the Dock: Essays on Theology, and The Grand Miracle by Ballantine in 1983. Six settings of the work currently exist. It is also bound in one anthology.

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GID1-E1e, 2002.

Blackstone Audio audiobook cover, 2008

Ralph Cosham, nar.

GID5-F2, 1998

UK release, titled Undeceptions​ 

GID6-E2, 2014

GID1-E1b, 1976.

Essays on Theology and Ethics

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Setting 3

God in the Dock

GID2-GB, 1972

Setting 2

Setting 1

HarperCollins ebook cover, 2014

GID1-E1c, 1994