GD-GB1a, 1946

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GD6-HC1c, 2015

GD6-HC1a, 2001

Setting 2

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GD2-M1b, c. 1958

Setting 5

A Dream


GD3-M2a, 1963.

Setting 1

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The Great Divorce is a theological dream vision in which Lewis reflects on the Christian conceptions of Heaven and Hell. The title refers to William Blake's poem The Marriage of Heaven and HellThe Great Divorce was first printed as a serial in an Anglican newspaper called The Guardian, 10 November, 1944 through 13 April, 1945 as “Who Goes Home? Or The Grand Divorce” and soon thereafter in book form. Six settings of the work currently exist. 

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GD2-M1a, 1947.

GD6-HC1b, 2009

Setting 6

Blackstone Audio audiobook, 2005

Simon Vance, nar. (Reissue)

HarperAudio audiobook, 2014

Julian Rhind-Tutt, nar.

GD-F1a, 1972


Also contained in COL-BSCL, 1969, and COL-SC, 2002.

The Great Divorce

GD-F1b, 1977

HarperAudio audiobook, 2003

Robert Whitfield, nar.

GD-M2b, c. 1970



Blackstone Audio audiobook, 2000

Simon Vance, nar.

GD-GB1b, c. 1956