GO1-FF1b, 1964

Setting 6


GO6-HC3b, c. 2009

Setting 5


GO4-W1a, 1984

GO6-HC3c, 2015

Also found in COL-SC, 2002

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Blackstone Audio audiobook, 2006

Ralph Cosham, nar.

GO-BN1a, 1976.

GO1-SB1b, 1964

GO1-SB1c, 1973

GO6-HC2, 1994.

Setting 1

HarperAudio audiobook, 2014

Douglas Gresham, nar.

Setting 7

GO2-FF2, 1966

Setting 3

GO5-HC1a, 1989.

GO6-HC3a, 2001

A Grief Observed


GO1-FF1a, 1961

Setting 4

Setting 2

GO1-FF1c, 1966

A Grief Observed is a collection of Lewis' reflections on the experience of bereavement following the death of his wife, Joy Davidman, in 1960. The book was first published in 1961 under the pseudonym N.W. Clerk as Lewis wished to avoid identification as the author. Though republished in 1963 after his death under his own name, the text still refers to his wife as “H” (her first name, which she rarely used, was Helen). The book is compiled from the four notebooks which Lewis used to vent and explore his grief. Seven settings of the work currently exist. 

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GO-BN1b, c. 1980.

GO1-SB1a, 1963