Letters to Malcolm

BBB-HB, 1963

Setting 4


Setting 3

LM3-F1b, 1977


A pre-production Christmas gift containing chapters 15-17

Beyond the Bright Blur


LM4-F2, 1998

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Chiefly on Prayer

LM3-F1a, 1966

In the form of warm, relaxed letters to a close friend, Lewis meditates on many puzzling questions concerning the intimate dialogue between man and God. Lewis also considers practical and metaphysical aspects of private prayer, petitionary prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, and other forms of prayer. Four settings of the work currently exist, and one pre-publication selection of chapter 15-17 entitled Beyond the Bright Blur 

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LM2-HB1b, 1973

Blackstone Audio audiobook,  2010

Ralph Cosham, nar. 

Setting 1

Setting 2



LM2-HB1e, 1964

LM1-GB, 1964