Jacket Unknown



John Lane the Bodley Head (1943)
Printing by Lowe & Brydone Printers, Ltd., London
Teal hardback with black title/author on spine
[dust jacket unknown]
264 pages

Printing History:

Based on BH2a, this is probably the second and only printing.

OSP2-M1c-1-x-Jacket Front


OSP2-M1b-21-71-Jacket Front

OSP3-BH2b-10-69-Jacket Front



The Easton Pres (1994)
Printing: USA

Introduction by James Gunn
Leather-bound black hardback hardback by Frank Mayo featuring gold drawing of planet and falling man on cover and gold title author on spine with circular images

174 images

Printing History: 
Sold for $1.25


John Lane the Bodley Head (23 September, 1938)
Printing: Butler & Tanner Ltd., London
Red hardback with black title/author on spine
Jacket by Harold Jones, White stencil title author on black fields bracketing jagged mountainous purple/pink landscape
264 pages

Printing History:

Sold for 3s.6d.

Based on BH2a, there was only one printing





Macmillan Company (28 September, 1943)
Printing: USA

Macmillan Large Print Edition
Blue hardback with gold author/title on spine
Jacket by S. A. Summit, Inc.: White author, green title on black field over black/pink image of man falling backward
174 pages

Printing History:


Settings 1-3


OSP2-M1a-x-47-Jacket Front

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Setting 2

OSP3-BH2a-4-49-Jacket Front

Setting 1

OSP1-BH1a-1-38-Jacket Front




John Lane the Bodley Head (c. 1946)
Printing: by Morrison and Gibb Ltd., London & Edinburgh
Orange hardback with black title/author on spine
Jacket by Elias; Variegated blue title and white author over black and blue landscape featuring planet in upper right and small leaf lower central. 
182 pages

Printing History: [probably continued from Bh1b]

3. 1946 for 5s.
4. 1949 for 5s. [1]
5. 1951

[1] Note that although Wade 2558 is fourth printing on data page, jacket lists it as fifth printing. Volume and Jacket may be mis-matched 

Out of the Silent Planet


Macmillan Company (1968)
Printing: USA
Blue hardback with gold title/author on spine
Jacket by Charles Goslin: Teal author, black title on white field over abstract teal and black world with cut out people shapes in a black box
174 pages

Printing History:

21. 1971 for $4.95​

23. 1975 for $7.95

Macmillan Company (28 September, 1943)
Printing: USA
Blue hardback with yellow title/author on spine
Jacket: White title and teal author on purple field featuring ringing planet and stars in upper left corner
174 pages

Printing History:

1943 [1]
1946 for $2.00
June, 1949 [hardback features dark blue title/author on spine. Cf. Wade 2557]

[1] M1a includes only the year of printing on the title page, thus printing numbers cannot be ascertained. In addition editions vary dramatically in thickness, ranging from ½ to 1 inch thick.

The Bodley Head (1959)
Printing: Morrison and Gibb Ltd., Edinburgh
Teal hardback with red title/author on spine
Jacket: Black author/title on light blue field
182 pages

Printing History: [continued from BH2a]

6. 1959
10. 1969 for 12s.6d.

Setting 3