Setting 2


POP3-TS, 1996

POP1-M1a, 1944

POP1-GB1a, 1940

Setting 5


The Problem of Pain is a 1940 book on the problem of evil in which Lewis argues that human pain, animal pain, and hell are not sufficient reasons to reject belief in a good and powerful God. Six settings of the work currently exist. 

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POP4-F2, 1998

POP1-GB1b, c. 1946

Setting 6

POP5-HCa, 2001.

Setting 3

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POP1-F1b, c. 1973

POP1-F1c, 1983

POP5-HCb, 2009.

POP1-M1d, c. 1977

POP1-M1b, c. 1947.

POP2-M2a, 1962

Setting 4

POP1-M1c, c. 1953

The Problem of Pain

Setting 1

POP1-GB1d, c. 1956

Blackstone Audio Audiobook, 2005

Simon Vance, nar.

POP2-M2b, c. 1978

POP1-F1a, 1957

Harper Audio Audiobook, 2004

James Simmons, nar.

Harper Audio Audiobook, 2012

James Simmons, nar. (Reissue)

POP1-GB1c, c. 1950