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ISBN: 9780008192532
ISBN 10: 0008192537 

128 pages

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And Other Pieces

Fontana Books (1965)

Printing: Collins Clear-Type Press, London and Glasgow

Paperback by John Rose, White title/author on red embossed devil’s head (from SL1-M1c)
126 pages

Printing History:

1. January 1965
2. February 1965
3. March 1968 for 3s.6d.





Setting 1


Setting 2

"Screwtape Proposes a Toast" (1959), first published as an article in the Saturday Evening Post, is an addendum to The Screwtape Letters, and was bound as the titular piece in a collection of other essays in 1965. Three settings of the work currently exist. 

Fontana Books (c. 1970)
Printing: Collins Clear-Type Press, London and Glasgow

Paperback: White title over yellow text on red gargoyle head (used from SL1-F1b)
ISBN: 0-00-622485-7
126 pages

Printing History:

4. December 1969 [cover unknown]
5. October 1970 for 4s. (20p)
10. January 1976 for 50p. 

Fount Paperbacks (January 1977)
Printing: William Collins Sons and Co. Ltd., Glasgow
Paperback by Tony Meeuwissen, Black Title/Author on yellow field, featuring devil-headed corkscrew
ISBN: 0-00-624566-8
126 pages

Printing History:

1. January 1977 for 60p. (Cover and Data call it “Fountain Books”)
12. April 1978 for 70p.
15. February 1982 for £1.75


Setting 3

Screwtape Proposes a Toast


Fount Books (1989)
Printing: HarperCollins Publishers, London
Special Centenary Edition
Paperback by Anders Landholm, Purple stylized author, black title over blue flecked field above sloshing wine goblet.
ISBN: 0-00-628061-7
118 pages

Printing History:

Sold for £6.99