Kenkyusha (1973) [1]
Printing: Tokyo

Kenkyusha Pocket English Series
Edited selections and notes by Yoshio Terasawa
Paperback: Black title, author on faded paper, with image of winged lion
130 pages

[1] Date not listed in book. Source unknown

Printing History: [continued from HB2a]

25. for $7.95






Setting 3


Fount Paperbacks of HarperCollins (Date Unknown)
Printing: HarperCollins Manufacturing, Glasgow
Paperback by Martin Baker: White author over granite author on yellow pinstriped field over red/yellow tulip on granite cover
ISBN: 0-00-623815-7
190 pages

Printing History:

29.  Sold for £4.50




Fount Paperbacks of HarperCollins Publishers (1998)
Printing: Caledonian International Book Manufacturing Ltd, Glasgow
Special Centenary Edition
Paperback: Brown author, black title on granite bar over picture of orange tulip on dark granite surface.
ISBN: 0-00-628083-8
195 Pages

Printing History: 

29. Sold for £6.99

Setting 4


HarperOne of HarperCollins Publishers (February 14, 2017)
Paperback: Brown road sign in a wood on green field over grey title on white field over white title on brown field.

ISBN-10: 0062565435
ISBN-13: 978-0062565433
Dimensions: 5.3 x 0.7 x 8 inches

304 Pages

Printing History: 

Sold for $14.99

Settings 3-7


Setting 6

Surprised by Joy

Fontana of William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. (c. 1973)
Printing: Collins Clear-Type Press, London & Glasgow
Paperback by Farnhill: Black author, orange title on white cover with orange, green, purple flourish
ISBN: 0-00-621171-2
190 pages

Printing History:

13. November 1973 for 30p.


Fount Paperbacks of William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. (March 1977)
Printing: William Collins Sons 7 Co., Glasgow
Paperback by Tony Meeuwissen: Black author, title on yellow cover with image of young boy looking out of window past grape vines with school yard in background
ISBN: 0-00-623815-7
190 pages

Printing History:

Unknown printing March 1977

18. May 1978 for 95p.
21. October 1982 for £1.50


Walker and Company (1986)
Printing: Phoenix Press, New York
Large Print edition
Paperback: Gold title on navy blue plastic cover, gold author in blue box with gold outline, featuring silver sunbeam
352 pages

Printing History: 


Setting 6


Setting 5


Fontana of William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. (4 May 1959)
Paperback: White author, black title on green cover with fontana books in black bar at bottom       
190 pages

Printing History:

1. May 1959