Setting 3

THS7-SC1, 1996

THS7-M3, 1968

THS7-M2a, 1965.

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Setting 4

THS7-M2b, 1977.

PER4-Av1a, 1946.

THS1-BH1a, 1945

Setting 1


Setting 6

HarperAudio audiobook cover, 2006

Steven Pacey nar.


THS7-CR1a, 1962

That Hideous Strength

THS2-M1a, 1944

Blackstone Audio audiobook cover, 2005

Geoffrey Howard nar.

Does not exist as a THS edition

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Setting 8


PER7-SC2b, 2003

That Hideous Strength (also titled The Tortured Planet in a later edition published by Avon Books) is the third book in The Space Trilogy, first published in 1946. It is the third in the trilogy, along with Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra. Eight settings of the work currently exist. 

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Does not exist as a THS edition



THS7-M2c, 1986

Setting 5

Books on Tape audiobook cover, 1983

Grover Gardner, nar.

THS5-P1a, 1953.

Setting 2

PER8-SC2a, 1996


Setting 7