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Setting 1


Till We Have Faces

TWF2-HB1a-1-57-Jacket Front


A Harvest Book for Harcourt, Inc.
Printing: USA
Paperback by Liz Demeter: White author on gold field above white title on burgundy field, featuring color picture of Araldo de Luca
ISBN: 978-0-15-690436-0
313 pages

Printing History: 

44. for $14.00



A Harvest Book for Harcourt Brace & Company
Printing: USA
Paperback by Michele Wetherbee: White title on black bars, black author on vertical gold bar over full color picture of Oural’s face in “Roman” landscape with falling leaves
ISBN: 0-15-690436-5
313 pages

Printing History: 

11. for $8.95
12. for $9.00
16. for $11.00





William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co (June, 1964)
Printing: Grand Rapids, MI
Paperback: Yellow title on “torn-paper” red field, black author on yellow field over woman’s face
313 pages

Printing History: 

1. June 1964
2. May 1966 for $1.95

6. November 1972 for $2.45 [1]
10. July 1977 for $2.95

[1]  Sixth printing and forward oddly lists first printing as February 1966. Compare Wade 9264 with Wade 297.

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Setting 2





Harcourt, Brace and Company (Unknown)

Paperback version of HB1a
Features drawings by Fritz Eichenberg
Paperback by Fritz Eichenberg: White title, author on brown field with color totem Ungit from HB1a

ISBN: 0-965-011934[1]
313 pages

[1]  Wade 7989 oddly features bar code on reverse indicative of at least a 1990’s edition as if falling between HB1c and HB1c, but it is not a Harvest book. 

Printing History:

Harcourt, Brace and Company (January 9, 1957)
Printing: New York

Features drawings by Fritz Eichenberg
Red hardback with silver author/title and woman’s Greek figure on spine
Jacket by Fritz Eichenberg: White title, author on brown field with color totem Ungit
313 pages

Printing History:

Sold for $4.50


Harvest/HBJ Book for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (July 9, 1980)
Printing: USA
Paperback by Bascove: Black title/author on white bar over Janus-type image of two women, one fair haired, one masked and helmed.
ISBN: 0-15-690436-5
313 pages

Printing History: 

1. 1980 for $3.95
5. for $5.95
6. for $5.95


Geoffrey Bles Ltd (September, 10 1956)
Printing: Wyman & Sons Lts, Fakenham
Navy hardback with gold author/title on spine
Jacket by Biggs: White & Yellow title, author on black cover with red stylized volcano, white Ungit figure, and green dashes.
320 pages

Printing History:

1. September 1956 for 15s.
2. September 1956 for 15s.