Timeless at Heart is a collection of essays, published by Fount in 1987, with preface by Walter Hooper. One setting of the work currently exists.


Fount Paperbacks of William Collins Sons (July 16, 1987)

Printing: HarperCollins Manufacturing, Glasgow

Preface by Walter Hooper
Paperback: Black author over black title over composite of green meadow with river and tree in watch-face over a heart containing starry night on a yellow cover
ISBN: 0-00-627136-7
144 pages

Note: Publication data lists initial copyright as 1970, renewed in 1980, and further indicates that 1987 was first “Fount Paperbacks” edition. No copy of a prior edition has been seen.  

Printing History: 

1. July 1987 for £2.50
x. 1991 for £3.50


Timeless at Heart

Setting 1